A strategic and comprehensive business development plan is critical for the continued success and growth of a well-established business, and the cornerstone for a successful start-up entrepreneur. California is still in its infancy stages and the businesses that create a successful business development plan will be best positioned to take advantage of this multi-billion dollar industry.

At Cal Coast Compliance, our seasoned team has the extensive knowledge and expertise to capitalize on the rapidly expanding and existing California commercial market, while maintaining the emerging and challenging world of compliance and regulations.

Cal Coast Compliance provides all of our clients customized, experienced consulting, and determines the most effective, lucrative new business opportunities, while remaining vigilant on tracking and monitoring California’s local and state compliance and regulations. We take the time to understand your specific business objectives so we can exceed your expectations, and are a central resource for all your business needs.

Cal Coast Compliance will customize business plans to include:

  • Evaluating the viability of a product or service business
  • Analyzing local marketplaces to position your business in new opportunities
  • Selecting and/or purchasing property or real estate for your business.
  • Estimating costs and projections for startup and operating capital
  • Attract quality investors and partners
  • Ensuring state and local regulatory compliance by obtaining necessary licenses and permits
  • Creating business staffing, operations, and workflow management plans
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